Most Popular Shore Excursions and Tours in Helsinki. Where to go and what to see!

Most Popular Shore Excursions and Tours in Helsinki. Where to go and what to see!

Helsinki is absolutely unique seaside pearl with lots of open city space, wide streets lined with lush trees and a whole lot of cool Nordic design– from interior decor to grand architecture often set in the most unexpected material, shape and form.

Come and experience Helsinki with us and let us bring you closer to the people who love sauna, fresh seasonal food and their quirky take on life, after all, the Finns do throw mobile phones for fun, host a sporting event called the Wife Carrying Competition (!) and eat reindeer sausages.

Helsinki Tours by Nordic Experience 

Here are our top picks for Helsinki!

All of these outstanding venues are nothing with a good old story to go with it, so let us entertain you with some amazing facts, give you a little bit of a chuckle and a new take on the Finns and their capital city next time in town. Our tour guides have been called passionate for what they do!


DO not miss when in Helsinki! Must see!

  • Rock Church– amazing acoustics, a church embedded entirely in granite bedrock
  • Temple of Silence– get connected to your inner self and revel in it´s simply exquisite design
  • Market Square– the place to get your hands on some of the best local berries and salmon
  • Sibelius Monument– in many ways a musical icon of Finnish identity
  • Old Town of Porvoo– the place to go for a bit of local countryside charm in a medieval setting

Our most popular tours in Helsinki are:

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